Tickets FAQs

-How do I place a season ticket deposit?

It is as easy as 1-2-3: 

  1. Click ticket page
  1. Select how many seats you want to reserve; you may select up to ten. 
  1. Insert your contact info, payment details and check out. Done
-What does my season ticket deposit include?

Your deposit ensures your opportunity to purchase your seats before season tickets are available to the general public. Most importantly, you will be there, in your seats, for the Inaugural Opening Night – a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

-Where will the team play temporarily?

Tampa Bay Sun FC will play in a beautiful, upgraded and expanded waterfront stadium in Downtown Tampa on the Hillsborough River. The address is: 1701 N. Boulevard – Tampa.

-How much is the season ticket deposit?

Season ticket deposits are $24 per seat. Why $24 per seat? Because our 2024 season is just around the corner and all deposit dollars will be directed to your season ticket purchase

-How many season ticket seats can I secure?

You can secure up to ten (10) seats per account. Want more? Contact our Ticket Sales Manager, Laura Wilhelm, if you want more. 

-When will I get to pick my seat(s)?

As we get closer to the 2024 season, we will contact all deposit holders to discuss the various options within our temporary stadium.

-Will you have premium seating, corporate suites or boxes?

We will have a variety of experiences and ticketing products, including corporate suites or boxes. If interested, please contact our Ticket Sales Manager, Laura Wilhelm.  

-Will you have a section for Supporters?

We believe in, and endorse the position, that the world’s game is best experienced standing and chanting for 90 minutes with your soccer family. We look forward to supporting and cultivating any supporters interested in forming a designated supporter group. If interested, please contact our Ticket Sales Manager, Laura Wilhelm.You can also indicate on your ticket deposit if you want to learn more.  

-Can I sit with my friends?

Of course! When the time comes for you to select seats, we will ask you a variety of preferences including if you have friends or family that you want to sit with at the matches. We will do our best to seat you together depending on when your friends placed their deposit, their priority seating number and your seating preference.   

-How much will season tickets be? How many games are included?

We will have a variety of ticket packages and price points. We will also have various payment plans to accommodate different households and budgets. We will know the exact number of games as we approach the 2024 season and have a better understanding of the league schedule.    

-How can I find out my priority number if I placed a deposit for season tickets?

As a Season Ticket Deposit Holder, you will have a priority number based on when you placed your deposit. We will share these numbers in the near future, once we have all our ticketing systems in place. 

-Will you have ADA seating or accommodations for wheelchairs?

We are a team for all Tampa Bay and our stadium will be as well. A variety of seating options and pricing will be available for our guests and Season Ticket Holders that need ADA seating. If you placed your deposit for season tickets, a Club Representative will discuss with you these options once we go through the process of selecting seats. You do not need to indicate these needs at this time when placing your deposit.   

-Are deposits refundable?

Deposits are nonrefundable. However, we know that life happens and plans change. With this in mind, you will be able to apply your deposit to a future ticket product (e.g. single match, group tickets, season tickets) even if you can no longer purchase season tickets or group tickets.  

-What is the age requirement for ticket holders?

 If a child is under age 2, they are considered a lap child which means they do not occupy a seat, and will not need a game admission ticket. 

-How many people qualify for a group?

Our group rates start at 10 people.

-Does a group deposit guarantee priority to Field Experiences (ball kids, player escorts, etc)?

Yes. After you purchase group tickets with your deposit as an initial payment, we will release our field experiences to our deposit holders based on their priority.

-When is final payment for group tickets due?

Two weeks out from the match your group is booked to attend.

-When is the schedule coming out?

We will release the schedule in Summer 2024 if not sooner.